What you need to know when buying SEASONED FIREWOOD!

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Not all firewood is the same and certain woods burn better than others inside your fireplace. Always make sure to purchase clean, seasoned firewood as it will start easy and burn hot. Remember to store your firewood outside on a rack where the wood doesn't touch the ground and put a small tarp over the top to prevent rain and snow from accumulating on the wood. When purchasing firewood we recommend Oak, Birch, Cherry and Hickory as they are the cleanest of the woods and burn the best. The higher quality wood you purchase, the less frequently you will have to clean your chimney. A dirty chimney can be a major safety hazard. Here are the characteristics of these types of firewood.
Oak-Very Dense Wood, High Energy Output, Warm Flame, Long & Clean Burning
Birch-Fast Burning, Hot Flame, Clean Burning with a Nice Aroma, Mixes well with Oak & Cherry
Cherry-Very Dense Wood, Hot Flame, Sweet Smell, Mixes well with Oak & Birch
Hickory-Perfect for Smoking, Very Clean Burning & Fragrant
Please visit our firewood page HERE for more information on the firewood we offer.

Blog References: https://www.epa.gov/burnwise/best-wood-burning-practices


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