A Perfect Time to Revamp Your Garden

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A Perfect Time to Revamp your Garden Space:  

Written By Guest Blogger Emma Lawson 

There’s no time like the present for a landscaping project that is bound to turn your home into an even more beautiful oasis. With a well-crafted plan, your trusty gardening tool-box and some fresh ideas, anything is possible, from a subtle change in your favorite flower arrangements, all the way to completely altering the look of your landscape.

Little or big, lavishly flowered or modest, it makes no difference – there are a few essential steps to keep in mind when you decide to start making changes in order to make the most of your outdoor space and give your garden a makeover it deserves!

Refresh your landscape palette

More often than not, beginners in the world of gardening tend to stick to low-maintenance, sturdy plants and trees, in order to help their outdoor flourish fast, and do little to add playful details here and there. However, you can focus on details and try to incorporate some more colorful plants and decorations in order to give your garden a new look.

For instance, choose a color theme with a single dominant shade and a few accents, then paint your fence and choose your outdoor furniture in the predominant color, while adding plants, covers, lanterns and pots in a contrasting hue. With a little effort and some playful experimenting, you can quickly give your garden a completely new style.

Add a personal touch

When in doubt, think quirky! Your garden is an extension of your home and your personality, so you can let your imagination run wild and introduce interesting details and elements for a fresh feel. A great example is making a few bird houses, and design them to fit with your new garden style.

You can add fun, and equally useful details such as a comfortable swing or a hammock, a wooden table for outdoor dining, clusters of flower pots in different vibrant colors, and hand-crafted candle lanterns. Outdoor rugs, trellis and screens can give texture and inspire your family to spend more time outside.

Choose new plants

Thinking back to your early days and first planted seeds – sure, it can be quite a hassle. But with an excellent basis and so much greenery already in place, all you need are some suitable gardening tools from Peter's of Kensington to turn your gardening work into an enjoyable experience. Don’t underestimate the power of reliable tools, as your well-sharpened secateurs and a fine-crafted trowel can do wonders for your newly chosen plants!

There are so many shade-friendly flower varieties to choose from, so give your garden a splash of color with some diversity. Flowering maple comes in a giant and a dwarf variety, so you can take your pick, and its vivid shades of orange, yellow and red will spice up your outdoors in no time. Then you can add a few pots of the New Guinea impatiens in purple shades, some Meadow Rue for a romantic touch, and the exotic Persian Shield for a glimpse of mystery.

Add a fun zone

If your garden is spacious enough for those lovely gatherings with friends and family, then this is a perfect opportunity to design a few accessory nooks that will turn your garden into a barbecue-friendly zone! Building or choosing your perfect fire pitmight be a daunting task for a novice, but it comes down to assessing your available space, the quality and durability of the material used and of course, its stability.

You can also add a sitting area with various chairs, comfortable covers and pillows and light-weight coffee tables made of bamboo, and wooden folding chairs for easy storage in case the rain sneaks up on your afternoon in the garden.

Grow your own veggies

From a very practical perspective, your garden can only gain a new purpose if you decide to create your own little vegetable section, but it can also add to the aesthetic appeal if you plant the right sorts and in the right spots. However, be mindful of the perfect planting time, because every vegetable needs a different set of circumstances to grow properly.

Make the right compost to help the seeds grow healthy and rich, and choose those veggies that you will enjoy growing for your dinner table! For instance, some of the easiest veggies to grow are tomatoes, carrots and green beans, and due to their different colors, they will also add to the vivacity of your garden.

With just a little bit of imagination, some hard work and planning, your little outdoor paradise can have a new, refreshed look and feel in no time!

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