Every Landscape Needs Color

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Every Landscape Needs Color

Trying new plant varieties can be a daunting task. Fortunately, the nurseries that we work with perform the arduous process of testing all new plants for multiple seasons in stressful conditions to ensure their success in your landscape. Before planting this spring, use the below resources to help you discover some of our favorite improved varieties and much more.

Bloomstruck Hydrangea Try this hardy and heavy flowering hydrangea in almost any exposure.

Centennial Blush Magnolia This magnolia is extremely cold tolerant with more than 30 petals on each flower.

Little Quickfire Hydrangea A dwarf version of the tried and true Quick Fire. It can be used in the landscape or as a colorful container plant.

Spilled Wine Weigela This compact plant has beautiful burgundy foliage which helps bring a different color scheme to your landscape.

Lastly, search through this highly descriptive national database for more plant varieties and come visit us to browse our beautiful stock.



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