Fall is a Fantastic Time to Plant

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Fall is a Fantastic time to plant trees, shrubs and flowering perennials for many reasons. Fall typically brings cooler temperatures which allow for a less stressful environment for new plants. Strong root development, a necessity for healthy plants, occurs faster as soil temperatures are warmer following the spring and summer months. In addition, natural moisture from the rain does not evaporate as quickly as we see cooler air temperatures. Now it is still very important not to let plants dry out and become stressed if we don't see ample rain or we have extremely windy conditions. A plant under stress will not fair well through the winter months. Always remember to install your plants with a mixture of mushroom compost, new topsoil and existing soil. Then add a layer of hardwood bark mulch and water thoroughly to enhance the establishment process. Visit Melka Garden Center to get a head start on your spring landscape by planting now and you will FALL head over heels with the outcome.


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