What to do when it"s too cold to garden...

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Hopefully cabin fever hasn’t set in for you as bad as in winter 2014, a year in which the phrase “Polar Vortex” became a household name. 2015 has already broken records in February for consecutive days below freezing, however the long range forecast does look promising with consistent 30’s & 40’s to come. Unfortunately it is too early to start working in the garden, but is there something you can do now to relieve that “outdoor itch” that has built up after a long winter? Of course!

For the hands on gardener, you can start seeds inside now giving them a head start for faster results. Melka Garden Center offers a wide range of Burpee Seeds including the new International Collection. Check out these great planting tips from Burpee Seeds to help you get started. http://www.burpee.com/vegetables/vegetable-seeds/indoor-seed-starting-article10002.html

For the tech savy gardener there are some great online resources to help you find the newest plant varieties on the market today. Our Melka Garden Center Plant Finder is a national data base which will help you search for plants and create a shopping list of your favorites. http://plants.jimmelkalandscaping.com/NetPS-Engine.asp?12120011

Edible landscapes are becoming a very popular form of gardening. The plants are easy to grow, they provide you with delicious fruits and vegetables for your family to enjoy, and it creates this incredible connection between you and your property. Melka Garden Center is proud to offer the highest quality brand of edible landscape fruits on the market, Brazzelberries. Visit this link for more information. http://www.brazelberries.com/


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