A Wet & Wild Landscape

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It seems that after such a brutally cold winter, our unpredictable midwest weather would flip us on our heads and bring extreme heat and drought. Fortunately this has not been the case as we have seen a consistently cool spring and summer. However, the trend of high precipitation during the winter has continued into the warmer months bringing us record rainfalls. Certainly precipitation is very important as it keeps plants alive, but it can be very difficult to deal with in large volumes over long periods of time. From a pest management standpoint, cool and wet weather breeds fungal growth that can wreak havoc on your Ornamental trees, roses, and lawn. Be prepared to apply fungicides throughout your landscape now and later this summer to prevent widespread damage. Now if these large rainfalls are also causing problems with the actual structure of your landscape as in severe erosion, look to a simple and inexpensive solution: a stone border. A great choice would be Large Flint stone which serves both a functional and decorative purpose. Visit Melka Garden Center today and ask one of our knowledgeable staff members for help with these or any other of your landscape issues.


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